K11 Musea: The ultra high-end complex opening soon in Hong Kong


Get ready for the new ultra high-end flagship museum retail complex “K11 Musea” opening soon in Hong Kong!

K11 Musea is opening in 2019. It will be a central feature of what we can call an ultra high-end experiential retail, art, cultural and dining destination.

The design will showcase 10 stores of international brands, including many flagships. The selection of these brands is based on the best-in-class immersive experiences they offer.

The spending power of Asian millennials or “Super Consumers,” is set to reach $6 trillion by 2020, which makes them the target market for this project.

Because of the “Hong Kong’s Hudson Yards” name they gave to the $2.6 billion development project, we can be assured it is well focused to specifically attract wealthy millennials.

The new museum-retail complex goal is to transform the Victoria Dockside in Tsim Sha Tsui into an “ultra high-end” experiential retail.

The diversity of the project resides in the 3 million square-foot art and design district. A public art collection will also be available.

Also, the K11 Musea will cover a surface area of 50,000 square feet. Therefore, millenials will be able to enjoy one of the world’s largest living walls, with amazing plants and greenery growing out of the buildings.

Furthermore, this will be the creation of a 2,000-square-foot space that will feature many exclusive experiences. Some of them will be an open-air amphitheater that descends below ground, and a 25-foot-tall LED screen for immersive experiences.

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