Everything you need to know about FASTE APP

Our app is ready for you to try it, but first, what exactly is FASTE app?

FASTE is a digital lifestyle assistant for luxury travels and tailor-made events. As a personal assistant, FASTE provides you with a wide-range of services to make anything easier for you, from traveling to attending the best events around you. The App is dedicated to affluent individuals and businesses.

How do you become a FASTE member ?

FASTE is a special community dedicated to people who share the same passion for luxury, looking to live a unique travel experience. In order for you to be able to register and book on FASTE, you will need to be sponsored by a member of our community that will give you an invitation code to be used during the first steps of your registration. 

If you do not have any sponsor and want to benefit from our services, you can still register normally through our App and once the invitation code is asked, click on the option “to contact”. We will then proceed to a profile verification by call or whatsapp. After being approved you will have access to the app and our services.

What services can you access with FASTE app?

You will have access to a unique catalogue of services, and a personal lifestyle manager will be attributed to you and your request.
These services are organized in 5 different sections : Stay, Drive, Fly, Sail, Party and EXPECT MORE

–        STAY :

The Stay section offers you the possibility to book a luxurious hotel room, a villa, a chalet and many more options in your dream destination. You will have plenty options to choose from so you can find exactly what you are looking for.

–        DRIVE :

With FASTE, you can book the car of your choice whenever you want .. and even have your own personal driver for your special occasion!  All you have to do is let us know what is your favorite car and when and where you will need it. 

–        FLY 

We partner with many private jet companies in order to offer you the best deal possible. 

–        SAIL :

For the ocean lovers, FASTE offers a boat reservation service. This customizable offer allows you to choose the model of boat that suits you for your maritime excursion and book it on the time slot of your choice.

–        PARTY :

FASTE allows you to organize your evenings and attend the best events around you. Just tell us what you fancy for the night! We organize a complete package if you fancy going to a festival such as Tomorrowland, Burning Man or Coachella.  

–       EXPECT MORE:

FASTE party consultants work closely with the clients to create unforgettable events around the world, from birthday parties, wedding proposal, to private events.

How do I make my first request? 

Booking your next trip has never been easier, in just few minutes you will be able to book whatever you need at the right moment.

How do I make my first request?

Once you clicked on the chat tab in the app, you will be able to choose between 2 different options.

Either you can directly make your request using :

Option 1:

The first one consists in choosing among the 5 sections already available which are Stay, Drive, Fly, Sail and Party. Once you will select the desired section, the chatbot will ask you several questions in order to offer you the best possible options of suppliers to meet your requirements. 

Option 2:

The second option is to directly write on the search bar what you are exactly looking for. The chatbot will redirect you to the right section and will ask you the remaining necessary questions for your booking.

Once your booking is confirmed, your personal lifestyle manager will be here with you during the entire process, and will manage your request from A to Z.
You can find your booking in the “Planning” section of the App, then click on the date of your reservation to see all the details.

How do I pay for my booking?

Payments are fully secured. Your transactions are private and protected by our secure server software using 3D secure.

Details entered will automatically be encrypted, which means that nobody else can read it and your date are not saved in our system (a reformuler), you can also share the payment with the people you’re planning to travel with.

How do I sign up on FASTE app?

All you need to do to plan your next adventure is download our App on the Apple Store:

Our FASTE team is hoping to see you soon on the APP!

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