Utmost Luxury: The new Rolls Royce

Rolls Royce has recently launched the first SUV model in its history : the Cullinan.

The famous luxurious car brand is surprising us at Faste with this amazing new car. Discover its features and enjoy this one-of-a-kind jewel.

Named after the largest diamond ever discovered, the Cullinan successfully meets the challenge of combining “off road” with ultra luxury.

The first all-wheel drive vehicle by Rolls-Royce is supremely capable. It is said to be able to confront every challenge with potency, pace and agility.

Moreover, a press of a button unleashes Cullinan’s full off-road capability with reliable performance on dry, wet, snowy or icy surfaces.

Also, a single button press introduces two leather seats and a cocktail table. Finally, the Viewing Suite bespoke configuration gives you the best seat in the house for the finest views in the world.

For more information or to book the car find us on Instagram @fasteofficial.


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